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If you require a One Day Recreation Licence, go to THIS FORM




*required field

Only works with PayPal.  Does not have the option to pay by bank transfer, etc.


  • price can’t be changed at checkout e.g. can’t alter quantity
  • can capture any data, just add a field for it
  • data downloaded as csv file from this website and copied into the database
  • us/them get confirmation emails from Paypal when payment completed
  • fields can be Mandatory or optional
  • data marked ‘paid’ when payment completed. Marked ‘unpaid’ if not.


  • the free version does not have fields that allow you to select options, so you have to have a different form for each option and the rider has to select which one to use (e.g. with or without rec licence).  Can only be used for ride days or memberships.
  • the $75 (lifetime) version can use a single form and the change the price based on rider selected options (e.g. type of licence, senior or junior, etc.) so it can be used for Entries.

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