Track Licences

Read the information on the MSA website for more details on applying for a licence.

To participate in events sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia (MA) you are required to hold a current MA licence. Your licence also covers you under the association’s Personal Accident Insurance policy while competing or travelling to the event.

Types of Licences:

NOTE: All licences must be organised and paid for through Ridernet To purchase a licence Ridernet must have a record of you being an approved financial member of a road race club. On ride/practice days Phoenix MCC will have someone on hand to approve new members in Ridernet.

  • Recreation Licence:
    For Ride Days only. Day licences are available via Ridernet.  You can buy a Annual licence if you ride more than 3 times a year.
  • One Event Licence:
    For Competition events. Pay for this licence with your Ridernet entry if required. Cheaper than a full licence if you only race a few times a year.
  • National Licence:
    This annual licence can be used at any Competition event or Ride Day.

Applying for a Licence:

  1. Join Ridernet  and get your ID number.
  2. Apply for Phoenix MCC membership through Ridernet.
  3. Inform an official that your club membership is pending.
  4. Wait for our email confirmation that we have registered your membership in Ridernet.
  5. You can now apply for your Licence.

Insurance Cover:
If your medical insurance does not cover you for emergency ambulance transport, you must join an ambulance scheme.  The cost of a trip to hospital is over $1,000 and is not covered by medicare or your MA Personal Accident Insurance.

It also is recommended that you check all your insurance policies to ensure that you are covered for racing your motorcycle rather than just riding it in a paddock or on the road.  There are a number of accident policies available to cover racing situations. It is also recommended that you have cover which will protect you from loss of earnings.

The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of South Australia