Track Licences

To participate in events sanctioned by Motorcycling Australia (MA) you are required to hold a current MA licence. Your licence also covers you under the association’s Personal Accident Insurance policy while competing or travelling to the event. Further information can be found on the MSA website.

Types of Licences:

Recreation Licence: Used for Ride Days only and can be bought on the day at the track.  You can also buy a Annual Recreation licence from MSA if you ride a lot want to save time and a few bucks.

One Event Licence: For Competions. They’re cheaper if you only race a few times a year.  Apply for this licence on your entry form.

National Licence: This annual licence can be used at any event in Australia. You can apply for a National Licence online at Ridernet if your Club Membership is registered with them.
1.  Join Ridernet  and get your ID number
2.  Apply for Phoenix Club membership  HERE and tell us you Ridernet ID
3.  Wait for email confirmation that we have registered you
4.  You can now apply for a Licence online


  • When applying for a licence, you will have to select the racing number for your bike.  Many numbers are already allocated, so go to this list and find one that has not already been taken.  When approved, this will be your Registered Riding Number.
  • The ‘Get a Club Membership’ page in Ridernet is NOT an application to join our club.  You can only join  HERE

New Licence Applications:

Junior members must have completed their Kickstart or coaching and the coach must have logged them as having completed the appropriate course.

If you have medical insurance, make sure that it covers you for the cost of ambulance transport. If not, you must join an ambulance scheme as the cost of ambulance transportation is very expensive. In most cases, it is not covered by medicare and is not covered under the Motorcycling SA insurance.

It also is recommended that you check all your insurance policies to ensure that you are covered for racing your motorcycle rather than just riding it in a paddock or on the road.
There are a number of accident policies available to cover racing situations. It is recommended that you investigate insurance cover which will protect you from the loss of your earnings if you are injured.

Documents You May Need:

  • A copy of your birth certificate, or Copy of Drivers Licence (first time applicants only)
  • Ambulance fund Name and Policy number. (Note: the ambulance cover provided by your health fund may have limits.  We recommend riders take out St John Ambulance cover.)
  • Proof of completed Licence Testing (Juniors U16 only – Junior Log Book or Kick Start Book)
  • Proof of completed Theory Test (Seniors only)
  • Proof of Bike Handling (Seniors only): road bike licence or recent copy of one day licence or doing the practical test signed off by a licensed coach / Level 3 Steward / Clerk of Course
  • Proof of club membership: a Club Secretary’s signature on the Application Form or a copy of the current club membership card (see our Membership page to join this club)
  • Signed the Indemnity Form (by parent or guardian if under 18)