The Club Perpetual Trophies are engraved with the winners names for that year and presented at a special club meeting.  The names go back decades and feature many prominent riders in South Australia.

Riders can gain points from any Road Race held in South Australia where you entered as a Phoenix member… and you don’t have to do anything. The Competition Secretary will monitor results around the state and score you accordingly.

Details of past winners can be found here: Trophy Winners (PDF)

Highest Point Score (old trophy)
Highest Point Score (new)
Most Successful Rider (C/D Grade)
Most Successful  Rider (C/D Grade)
Adelaide 3 Hour Trophy







Go-Kart Cup:
There is a trophy for this occasional challenge against the Café Racer Club. It’s been buried in Rick’s garage for a few years because we won it the last 3 times.

The Phoenix Cup:
A framed photo of this trophy is occasionally awarded to members who do well.

The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of South Australia