Founding the Club





(information supplied by J Lord – above is the original letterhead and club logo)

The Club was formed at a meeting held in April 1964  at David Winton’s house at 30 Galway Ave North Plympton.

Present were: D Winton, N Winton, E Fowler, R Sayer, C Angles, J Lord, J Wreford, I Spiller and 2 or 3 others.  David came up with the club name while looking through a dictionary.

The first meeting place was at Ma’s café in Tavistock Street (now Frome Rd), Adelaide.

The name Phoenix was picked because it means we have risen again from the ashes.


1964 Foundation Members:

President:  Charles ‘Darwin’ Angeles

Adrian Biggs Graham Bergstrom Peter Knolder
Allen Flackerty Gwenda Hayward Peter Rose
Andrew Dabler Heather Meyers Peter Sheldon
Andrew Kukeste Heather Silles Ray Taarnby
Barry Caddle Ian Spiller Rayleigh Burgess
Barry Elliot Ivan ‘Snow’ Ardill Robert McAvaney
Beverly Greet J Tarbaard Robert Sayer
Bob Nelson Jack Wilson Rod McKenna
Bowden Hynda Janet Moxon Ron Davidson
Brian Jordan John Leo Ronald Jenkins
Carol Bennett John Lord Ross Owen
Cheryl Dale John Taylor Russ Hanby
Clem Richards John Wreford Sandra Duncan
Coral Spells Kent Barney Shirley Scroop
Corrie Wake Leonie Ollson Suzanne Sander
Darcy Buttfield Leonie Pitts Terry Inram
David Bartlett Lincoln Hughes Terry Rich
David Winton Lloyd Downes Tony Lee
Deane Jesser Malcolm Seal Tony van Gastelde
Desmond Parr Margret Wakefield Trevor Clements
Donald Wakefield Mark Surkic Trevor Henderson
Douglas Banks Murray Barber Trevor Mumford
Douglas Thompson Murray Bush Wally Champion
Ernest Pobke Murray Jenkin Warren Hall
Glen ‘Pebbles’ Rose Neil Winton Wayne Kearvell
Glen Virgin Nicholas Grivell Wayne Knowles
Glennys Rogers Noeleen Harris Wolfgang Vogel