The SA Premium Cement Adelaide 3 Hour Race

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The Adelaide 3 Hour Race

The Adelaide 3 Hour is a relay race for teams and has a Le Mans start where riders have to sprint across the track to get to their waiting bikes.  Over the next 3 hours,  teams will complete up to 400 Kms of the circuit only stopping to change riders. The race is also contested by Solo riders where the amount of time spent in pit lane can decide the winner of that category.

Once considered a reliability test for bikes, distance racing is now more a test of the riders endurance to stay focused and maintain lap times. In 2018 the race was moved back to April as the hot weather in November was becoming a problem. 

The 3 Hour race starts at approx 1pm on Sunday with practice sessions and support events in the morning.

Saturday is a full day of racing for all the usual Classes and most 3 Hour riders will compete as part of their preparation. Two distance events with Le Mans starts are also held on Saturday; the 75Km for Supersport/Superbikes and the 50Km for other classes.

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The 3 Hour Rules:

  • The race is open to 4 stroke motorcycles:
    – up to 1200cc for 2 or 3 cylinder engines
    – up to 1000cc for 4 cylinder engines.
  • Teams can enter up to 3 riders and up to 3 bikes
  • A rider can use any bike entered in their team.
  • Teams can only send out one rider at a time.
  • Riders and/or bikes must swap over in Pit Lane.
  • There are no minimum or maximum laps a rider must complete.
  • Bikes can only refuel in Pit Lane if they are using non-spill jugs. Otherwise, they must refuel in the paddock area.

Year Winning Team Laps
2021 D Falzon, L Wilkinson 149
2019 W Strugnell, Brad Miller 147
2018 G Snaith, K Grosser 148
2017 D Falzon, L Wilkinson 154
2016 D Falzon, L Wilkinson 151
2015 E Byles, D Johnson 146
2014 E Byles, D Johnson 149
2013 D Falzon, L Wilkinson 149
2012 S Defrancesco, J Arnold 140
2011 A Christie, I Andrews, C Hern 147
trophy2 As well as receiving individual trophies in each category, the outright 1st team will also have their names engraved on the Auldana Foundations Perpetual Trophy.

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