Rider Numbers

The Supplementary Regulations for SA events specify ALL BIKES must use standard Arial Rounded MT Bold numbers on a clearly defined Number Plate.  Other numbers (e.g Superbike style) will be rejected.

Your riding number will be issued by Ridernet when you get your MA Licence and should be used for all road races .

If you do not have a registered number (e.g. One Event Licences) then you can nominate a preferred number on your entry form.  However,  if your preferred number  is being used by another rider, you will be issued a different number in your final acceptance.

Stick On numbers can be bought in the office during rider sign in.  Make sure your background is big enough (see below).

Front Numbers:
The front number must be either in the centre of the fairing or slightly off to one side. If your fairing is the same colour as your background, you need to put a border around the background.

Side Numbers: 
Must be placed on both sides of your bike in a location that is clearly visible from the side and not obstructed by the riders legs (as per MoMS

  • Side Numbers can be on the fairing side panels, belly pan or sides of the tail piece.  Do not place them on top of the tail piece.
  • Where there is no suitable location on body panels, number plates must be fitted.  These can be bolted onto brackets or zip tied to the bike as long as they are secure.  Edges must be safe and corners rounded. Mounting brackets must have rounded corners to prevent injury.
  • Number backgrounds can be oval or round as long as they meet minimum sizes.
    The minimum size Background for a 2 digit number is a rectangle 164mm high x 200mm wide
    The minimum size Background for a 3 digit number is a rectangle 164mm high x 300mm wide
    Note: the width can vary if the number contains a “1”
  • Advertising and designs on fairings must be kept 25mm clear of the background. If your fairing is the same colour as your background, you need to put a border around the background.

Rider numbers are described in section 10.11 of the 2017 Manual Of Motorcycle Sport  (download from www.ma.org.au

Numbers must use the font Arial Rounded MT Bold.  The size must be 140mm high x 75mm wide (except for the numeral “1”) as specified in MoMS 10.11.3  Note: Due to space limits, we will accept 100mm numbers on belly pans.

Colours for numbers and backgrounds must be those specified for your class in MoMS   Number plates must:

a) Where they are not an integral part of the machine or streamlining and are under 1.6mm thickness, have rolled or wire edges,

b) In the case of rectangular plates, have corners formed to a 38mm radius,   If used, side number plates must:

a) Be fitted above a horizontal line drawn through the rear axle on faired machines, be placed on the fairing flanks in a position where they are not obscured by the riders legs, or in the mid to rear section of the lower fairing (belly pan),

b) Be fitted so that the front edge of the plate is behind a vertical line drawn at 200mm to the rear of the rider’s footrest, on unfaired machines be located behind the rider in a position where they are not obscured by a seated rider and do not present a safety hazard,

c) These numbers must be the same size as the front numbers.   Number backgrounds on side number plates may be an integral part of the rear seat section or fairing.   Advertising is permitted on all machines, but must be at least 25mm clear of the number plate background and the riders’ name by either gap or a contrasting colour strip, unless the advertising is an integral part of the back plate cover.

10.11.4      See this section for Junior numbers and background sizes


The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of SA