Rider Numbers

The Supplementary Regulations for SA events specify ALL BIKES must use standard Arial Rounded MT Bold numbers on a clearly defined Number Plate.  Other numbers (e.g Superbike style) may be rejected.   READ THIS

Your riding number will be issued by Ridernet when you get your MA Licence and should be used for all road races .

If you do not have a registered number (e.g. One Event Licences) then you can nominate a preferred number on your entry form.  However,  if your preferred number  is being used by another rider, you will be issued a different number in your final acceptance.

Stick On numbers can be bought in the office during rider sign in.  Make sure your background is big enough.

Front Numbers:
The front number must be either in the centre of the fairing or slightly off to one side. If your fairing is the same colour as your background, you need to put a border around the background.

Side Numbers: 
Must be placed on both sides of your bike in a location that is clearly visible from the side and not obstructed by the riders legs (as per MoMS)

The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of SA