Hall of Fame

It takes a lot of work to run a club and over the years many people have contributed to our success.


Life Members
Life Membership can be awarded after 10 years service.

Ivan O’Hara (1978) Peter Dunstan (1990) Gavin Porteous (1998) Peter Gillan (2010)
Roy Fryar (1979) Damien Edwards (1990) Ann Porteous (1998) Kerry Ninnes (2010)
John Taylor (1979) Rick Dowsett (1991) Shane Kiss (1998) Sean McKay (2010)
Gerard Edwards (1982) Hal Hutchesson (1991) Derek Sabey (1999) Jeremy Burgess (2014)
Russel Hanby (1982) Jim Judd (1992) Rob Henning (1999) Les Rowe (2019)
Ivan Ardill (1984) Deidre Lee (1993) Margaret Driver (2003) Graham Snaith (2019)
Rod Sever (1985) Annabel Wall (1997) Marty Lorincz (2003) Mick Fisher (2019)
Gary Leaney (1986) Don Catchlove (1997) Karen Peterson (2005)
Robert Green (1987) Martin Renfrey (1997) Glen Seidel (2007)

Gold Life Members

This award recognises those members who have displayed a lifetime commitment to the Club.  They have regularly attending meetings for over 25 years, served various roles on the committee and generally assisted in the success of the Club.

John Taylor (2014) Ivan O’Hara (2014) Gary Leaney (2014) Rick Dowsett (2014)
Annabel Wall (2014) Hal Hutchesson (2014) Shane Kiss (2014)  Derek Sabey (2015)


Honorary Members
The following people have provided valuable assistance to local Road Racing or contributed to the sport by raising its public profile. We recognise their efforts by awarding them Honorary Membership in our Club.

Glenn Dix Peter Sparks Wayne Gardner Arthur Sissis


Hall of Fame
Over the years, the Phoenix Motorcycle Club has been a breeding ground for top riders in this state and listed below are some of our members achievements.

Ken Blake A founding club member and very successful racer.
Greg Pretty 1979 SA Sports Star of the Year, 1979 Duke of Edinburgh Award
Mal Evans 3 times SA Sidecar Champion
Gavin Porteous 5 times Australian Sidecar Champion
Jeremy Burgess GP Team Manager for: Valentino Rossi, Mick Doohan, Wayne Gardner
Paul Young 1994 250cc Production Australian, 2001 British Superstock Champion
Glen Richards 1994 125cc GP Australian Champion
Steve Martin 1999 Superbike Australian Champion


Some others who gained fame (1964-1990) on the National and International circuit were Bill Horsman, Paul Cawthorne, Karl Hammersley, Jeff Miller and Andre Bosman.