Race Practice Days

This page is for only for Race Practice Days conducted by the Phoenix Club.
For Public Ride days, go to Public Ride Days

Want more Info? Ring Rick 0403 386 788 or Sandro 0407 716 344

What’s the weather like at Mallala? It’s further inland and can be dry even when it’s raining in Adelaide.  You can check the forecast at myweather2.com

What is a Practice Day?
Please remember that the people running the event are volunteers. They will give you whatever assistance they can, but they are required to follow the safety rules. If you abuse them you will be ejected.

We hold our Practice Days in conjunction with a weekend race meeting so we can give the riders some extra practice.  If you are thinking about entering a race meeting, come along and try yourself out on the track.  You do not have to enter the meeting to ride on a practice day.

Riders are split into 4 groups based on speed and experience and each group will get a rotating 15 minute session. Groups are monitored and we will move you into a slower or faster group if necessary.  Ask when you sign on at the track if you are unsure which group to start in.

These Days are about riding in a safe environment at your own pace… and your friends can come and watch as there is no admission charge to get into the circuit.

Gates will be open from 8.00am (for scrutineering) and the first session will start at 9.45am.  There will be a lunch break around 12:30 to give the officials a break.

How much does it cost?
There are no Credit Card facilities or ATM at the track, just turn up and pay cash.  You do not have to book in advance.  Prices are listed on the entry form for the event.

How do I prepare?

Bikes and equipment will be checked to make sure they are safe before you can go on the track.  Note: Bikes do not have to be fully race prepared. Ride Day rules apply.

  • Check the operation of your brakes, suspension and levers.
  • Bikes can have road tyres with legal tread or slicks
  • Tape up all glass (e.g. lights and mirrors) or remove
  • Check there are no obvious fluid leaks.
  • Check there are no loose panels, bolts or clips.
  • Check the chain for correct tension.
  • Fuel is not be available at the track so bring your own.
  • You must have a good ADR approved full face helmet
  • You will need to have full leathers.  If two piece, they must zip together
  • Gloves that cover all skin
  • Leather boots that cover all skin
  • Long hair must be secured. Use a Hair Net, Balaclava or Beanie to keep it tucked in.
  • A back protector is recommended to prevent spinal injury.

What happens if I fall off?
An accident can be your fault or someone else but the result is the same… you end up lying on the track next to your bike.

  • You are not liable for damage or injury to other persons or equipment involved… and they are not liable for yours.
  • Your bike insurance won’t cover damage on the race track
  • If your bike cannot be ridden, it will be picked up and taken back to the pits at the end of your session.  Your bike and equipment must be re-examined before it can go back on the track.
  • If you are injured, the track ambulance will take you back to the first aid center.  If required, an ambulance will be called to take you to hospital (at your expense).
  • It is up to you to remove all your belongings from the circuit.  If you don’t have a friend with you who can take your car/bike/equipment home, we will ring your emergency contact person and advise them of your situation.

Tips and Tricks:
This English site provides newcomer advice on track riding and is a useful resource to visit. http://biketrackdayshub.co.uk/