Public Ride Days

Please remember that this is not a race day and you are sharing the track with riders of lesser experience who may do something unexpected. Be aware of other riders around you and ride safely.

Public ride days are run at Mallala Motor Sport Park (MMSP) and The Bend‘s East Circuit. To book your place at any Ride Day this year use the following links:

You can also pay for your pit garage or Track Licence if you need them. Day licences are available via Ridernet. Note: This site accepts Card payments only and bookings closes at midnight Thursday prior to each event.  

If you have not booked, you can just turn up and pay at the track provided there are places remaining (only 35 places available in each group). For further information, contact MMSP on 8276 7744 or The Bend on 8165 5700.

Please feel free to invite your friends and family to come and watch your experience, there is no admission charge. Snacks and drinks can be purchased at the canteen.

Members of the Cafe Racer and Phoenix clubs assist MMSP/The Bend with the running of these days, so if you have any problems or want some advice, talk to one of the officials.

7:00 am       Gates Open
8:15 am        Sign-in and inspection starts
9:00 am       Compulsory Riders Briefing
4:00  pm      Sessions close
5:00 pm       Gates close

Sign In Procedure when you Arrive:

  • Go to the office and pickup your paperwork.
  • When you have signed in you will receive a coloured wrist band for your Group. This must be displayed at the pit gate to enter the track.
  • Take your Bike and Equipment to the Scrutineer Bay for your safety check.
  • Take your bike back to the pits and do some final checks. Just basics like fuel, tyre pressures, go over your riding gear …and don’t forget to clean your visor.
  • Go to the Rider Briefing …and LISTEN!  Ask questions if you’re not sure.
  • Listen for the Pit Announcer to call up your Colour Group.

Groups are based on speed and experience and run in rotating 15-20 minute sessions. The groups are flexible, so if you get quicker through the day, or if you get tired and slow down, you can move up or down a group. See a Track Official if you want to change.

It is important that you are in the correct group for your own safety and those around you.  If you are found to be in the wrong group or riding in a dangerous manner, we will take appropriate action.

Group Experience Passing

The Flags Signals:

RED: Danger – track closed – slow down and return to the Pits
YELLOW: Proceed with Caution – do not pass
GREEN: All Clear
CHEQUERED: End of Session
BLACK: You have a problem – go to the Official at the Pit Gate

Preparing Your Bike And Gear
Before you get out on the track it is important to have your bike and gear ready to go, otherwise it can ruin your day before it even begins. A few simple tools and checks can not only make your day safer but much more enjoyable. Of course your bike will be checked by a machine examiner at the start of the day but its no good getting there and then being sent back to the pits to fix something.

Here are a few tips to get you ready before the day:

  • Check the operation of your brakes, suspension and levers.
  • Bikes can have road tyres with legal tread or slicks
  • Tape up all glass (e.g. lights and mirrors) or remove
  • Check there are no obvious fluid leaks.
  • Check there are no loose panels, bolts or clips.
  • Check the chain for correct tension.
  • You must have a good ADR approved full face helmet
  • You will need to have full leathers.  If two piece, they must zip together
  • Gloves that cover all skin
  • Leather boots that cover all skin
  • Long hair must be secured. Use a Hair Net, Balaclava or Beanie to keep it tucked in.
  • A back protector is recommended to prevent spinal injury.

Need Fuel ?
E85 and 98 are available at the tracks.  A Credit Card is required to operate the bowser at Mallala, the On The Run petrol station is open at The Bend 24hours a day.

Track Tyre Pressures:
Riding on the track puts a much bigger demand on your tyres so it is important to have good tyres and have them correctly inflated.

A good starting point is 30psi in both front and rear. You can adjust this to suit your riding as you improve

This might sound low but there are a few reasons for this.

  • OEM pressure is at the upper limit to allow for things like passengers or loads.
  • Lowering the pressure will get the tyres to operating temperature quicker.
  • A lower pressure means more flex and a bigger footprint on the track.
  • A bigger footprint means more grip.
  • Remember you can always adjust this to suit your riding.

What Happens If I Fall Off?
An accident can be your fault or someone else, the result is the same… you end up lying on the track next to your damaged bike.

Flag Marshals will warn following riders to slow, minimizing the danger of a secondary incident. The track ambulance and pick up vehicles are standing by and can normally be with a fallen rider in under a minute.

  • Riders are not liable for any damage or injury they may cause to others. You are all responsible for your own repairs/costs.
  • If you are injured, the track ambulance will take you back to the first aid centre.  If required, an ambulance will be called to take you to hospital AT YOUR EXPENSE.  The minimum cost is $1000 so we recommend all riders have St John Ambulance insurance.
  • If your bike cannot be ridden, it will be picked up and taken back to the pits at the end of your session.  Your bike and equipment must be re-examined before it can go back on the track.
  • The track closes at 5pm and it is up to you to remove all your belongings.  If you don’t have a friend with you who can take your car/bike/equipment home, we will ring your emergency contact and advise them of your situation.
  • Your MA Licence provides cover under Motorcycling Australia’s injury insurance policy but benefits are limited.  We recommend all riders have Income Protection insurance.

The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of South Australia