Practice Days – The Bend



Practice Days are run under the same rules as Public Ride Days, so you can use your road bike if its been prepared. See that page for more information.

What is a Race Practice Day?
We hire the track the day before our race meetings so competitors can sort out their bike and get some extra practice.  When we know how many places are left over, we will open bookings for other riders to participate.

Go to: Online Bookings
(Note: You need a credit or debit card to confirm your booking. We will give you a refund (less admin charge) if you cancel with 24 hours notice.)

Do you have to Book?
Places may be limited in some Groups so it is advisable to reserve your place. Bookings will be opened in the week before the event and display how many places are left in each Group.  When you sign in at the track they will give you a Pre Paid Registration Form to complete.

Do you need a Track Licence?
You must have a current Motorcycling Australia Annual Licence for Competition or Recreation If you don’t, you can add a One Day Recreation Licence to your booking. This will be issued at the track when you sign in.

Which Group will I be in?
Groups are based on speed and experience and run in rotating 15 minute sessions.  It is very important that you choose the correct group for your own safety and those around you.  However, groups are flexible, so if you are found to be in the wrong group or riding in a dangerous manner, we will take appropriate action.

Group Experience Passing
RED: EXPERT (A/B grade racer) ANYWHERE

Fuel can be bought at the On The Run servo next door and there is an ATM on site.

The Phoenix Motorcycle Club of South Australia