Cafnix Challenge Cup

The Phoenix and Café Racer clubs are the two main road race clubs in Adelaide and between them conduct all the local Road Races held at the Mallala circuit.

Over the decades there has been a friendly rivalry between the two clubs and many social competitions have been held, usually Go-kart racing.  But with nowhere to display the trophies, you don’t know who won!  So we decided to put the results here.

The Challenge Cup: 

(started 2014) The rider with the highest overall point score in the Cafnix Road Race Series will win this magnificent image of a trophy for their Club. From 2016, points will only be taken from the Over 600, 600cc and Limited races.

2014cafnixcup 2015cafnixcup2016cafnixcup

The Go-kart Cup: 

There is an actual trophy for this occasional competition, but it’s sitting in Rick’s garage because we won it the last 3 times.